Photographer & Filmmaker

Brendan Bishop Photographer & Filmmaker

Corsair Films

I first became interested in photography when I started working in films. I have worked in several roles in film and television including blockbusters like The Wolfman an​d The World is not Enough, as well as directed short films and music videos. I co-wrote the 2020 feature film The Host, and we are currently in pre-production for Dire Strait, a comedic action / adventure film set in the south of Spain. For more information on current feature film projects please visit 

My film background has given me a unique approach to photography, by using techniques to control light similar to the ones used in Hollywood Blockbusters. Feature films have huge budgets and need several large lorries for lighting equipment alone. In order to be able to adapt the techniques to photography shoots, I have designed and built my own large lightweight diffusers, reflectors, and a large portable light tent. The light tent serves as a portable outdoor studio, and allows me to light the model in a controlled manner using a reflector, battery powered studio strobes or both, making it ideal for location fashion and swimwear shoots.

My photography work has been published in national and international magazines and been featured on television.   

Some clients I have shot for include NEXT, House of Fraser, Vivienne Westwood, Amazon, Matches Fashion, Universal Studios and BBC TV, as well as several independent fashion and swimwear brands. Needless to say, I also shoot video…